Website updates

Made some changes to the website recently. I have a new logo now so have themed the existing website to suit. The old website had a few issues and I lost a lot of data. Luckily I have a background in web development so I have managed to retrieve some of my content (hours of writing) from the database.

About me

I have added a revised about me page. This was a popular page on the old website and led to many interesting chats with my customers, mostly reminiscing about the good old days of Isle of Wight Cycling in the 90s and early 2000’s. Makes me feel old! Please see the updated page here.

Christmas bike assembly

I have also added a page about boxed bike building; mostly for that upcoming time of year where everybody goes mental and Santa tries to squeeze a bike down the chimmney!

Where am I

I have also recently moved. Sorry if I’m banging on about it for those already in the know. I am now based within the Gurnard Pines complex in Cowes, off Cockleton Lane. I have put some directional signs out once you enter the pines. I have also done a much better breakdown on my contact page.

Free Bike Check Days

This is a quiet time of year for me so I have plenty of time and now space to do any work you may require.

Keep an eye out. I an also planning to do some free bike check days over the winter, in the workshop, probably on a Sunday, where you can bring your bikes for a checkover. I’ll do a diagnosis and report on what’s required and if you’re lucky I may even make some ‘small’ tweaks for free if I feel anything is particularly dodgy! Would appreciate it if you could let me knew if you’d be interested in this?