Transmission Service and Deep Clean

A full transmission service on your gears can make all the difference. A lot of the time things just need a good clean but often the gearing can only be improved with new parts. My basic Transmission service involves a deep clean on your transmission parts. Chain, cassette, derailleurs and chainrings (where possible) will be removed and cleaned using my Ultrasonic Cleaner. Parts will then be reassembled and gears re-indexed. Derailleur hanger will be checked and I’ll at least check Bottom Bracket condition (although that is a separate service if required). If new parts are required I will advise but new or old will be fitted back as part of this service.

The basic charge for service and deep clean on your transmission (with no new parts) is £40

The most likely parts/s required may be new inner gear cables at least as these will often need to be cut down slightly to enable re-threading into the gear outer cabling, especially if the cables ends are in bad condition to start with.

Ultrasonic Cleaner

My ultrasonic cleaner creates sound waves that agitate the water to create cavitation: miniscule air bubbles whose tiny implosions safely scour even delicate and intricate surfaces to clean them thoroughly and remove any contaminant. Combining this effect with gentle degreasers and the ultrasonic washer’s heating power provides even greater strength to get at the most caked-in grime. One caveat … if your transmission parts are in particularly bad condition or very old, the best the cleaner will do is clean the dirt out of the nooks and crannies; the cleaner will not remove and corrosion.