Now Based within the Central Complex at Gurnard Pines, Cockleton Lane, Gurnard

I have a new set of, general, opening hours including two evenings til 6.30 and a couple of hours over a Saturday lunchtime to allow my customers to drop off and collect bikes out of weekday work hours. View Contact page for more detail.

Cycle repairs and bike builds on the Isle of Wight by expert racing cyclist and mechanic Sean Williams. I have an expert knowledge from 25 years of racing and riding on and off the Isle of Wight. Since 1992, including a decade working within the trade as a bike mechanic in the 90's, I have not stopped playing with bikes. I ride and train just as much as I did all those years ago.

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Central Complex, Gurnard Pines, Cockleton Lane, Gurnard PO31 8QE

PLEASE NOTE: from October 2019 I moved within the Gurnard Pines complex, near the restaurant. More details to follow


I offer a small range of cycle specific services. I am not a shop but I can get your bike fixed and set you up with a bike fit. I can also custom build a bike for you and assemble boxed bikes that have arrived on your doorstep via the internet

Bicycle Repairs

Cycle repairs on the Isle of Wight by expert racing cyclist and mechanic/coach Sean Williams.

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Bike Fits

My bike fitting service will help a long way to making your rides enjoyable and most of all comfortable.

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Custom Builds

I can help you spec and build your new bike, find parts to fit your budget and advise on what to buy.

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Boxed Bikes

I can build a boxed bike or carry out a safety check to make sure everything set up right.

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