COVID-19 Status Update

The government have released a list of exceptions for business and premises. Bicycle shops/garages are on that list and I feel I therefore fall into both these categories as repair workshop. Therefore I shall continue to operate but with the following caveats.

1. I shall not be letting people into the centre via main entrance; only by my back door or the car park at Gurnard Pines. (home too , see next point) Please arrange a meet with me in advance.

2. I shall also be working from home too so may not be at the workshop. Again, please contact me to arrange a repair.

3. I'd prefer a non face to face handover (I think that's best for all) so bikes can be left outside my backdoor or at home in garden or side alley. I will be there to hand back.

4. Bank transfer preferable but we can still use cash or my card reader of need be.

5. If you want to leave a bike at the pines when I'm not there you MUST lock it up and let me know codes for lock or get a key to me. I cannot be responsible for you locked bike though.

6. I live in Cowes so for many it may be easier to get to me for drop off and pick up.

7. To repeat. To keep us all safe I'd like as little face to face interaction as possible and to practice good social distancing.

It's a difficult situation and really I'd prefer to stop, but I don't want to let my customers down, especially as we can still ride our bikes and commute to work and back for essential workers.

Thanks guys. Stay safe Sean

Gov Guidelines

Now Based within the Central Complex at Gurnard Pines, Cockleton Lane, Gurnard

I have a new set of, general, opening hours including two evenings til 6.30 and a couple of hours over a Saturday lunchtime to allow my customers to drop off and collect bikes out of weekday work hours. View Contact page for more detail.

Cycle repairs and bike builds on the Isle of Wight by expert racing cyclist and mechanic Sean Williams. I have an expert knowledge from 25 years of racing and riding on and off the Isle of Wight. Since 1992, including a decade working within the trade as a bike mechanic in the 90's, I have not stopped playing with bikes. I ride and train just as much as I did all those years ago.

Get your bike fixed

Contact me

Central Complex, Gurnard Pines, Cockleton Lane, Gurnard PO31 8QE

PLEASE NOTE: from October 2019 I moved within the Gurnard Pines complex, near the restaurant. Please look out for the signs, they lead you round the back but the main car park is available too , free of charge. More directions detail on Contact page

About Sean

In late 1991 I buy a mountain bike from Offshore Sports in Shanklin and started training. Six months months later I lined up in a field of 250 riders at a Mountain Bike race in Dorset. Sat right at the back, not knowing what to expect I raced off, saddle too low, overdressed and totally clueless. I finished 50th and I was hooked! Thus started my career in cycling

Me and Cycling

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I offer a small range of cycle specific services. I am not a shop but I can get your bike fixed and set you up with a bike fit. I can also custom build a bike for you and assemble boxed bikes that have arrived on your doorstep via the internet

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