Wheel repairs

Spoke replacement

  • Spokes will be replaced, usually from £2 per spoke. Wheel will be trued. For rear wheels this requires removal of cassette and sometimes disc rotor. Both wheels usually need tyre and tube removing too.  Front wheels £12 + spokes, rear wheels £15 + spokes. For complicated rear wheel removal on some electric bikes or speciality bikes the cost will be more.

Re-Nippling Wheel

    • Wheels sometimes just need some new spoke nipples. When the nipples start to seize to the spokes it makes trueing a wheel very difficult, if not impossible. Usually, once a few have started to seize then the rest will follow. Wheels with aluminium spoke nipples will be especially prone to corrosion and nipples snapping and disintegrating!


    • Full re-nippling including brass spoke nipples. I will use and clean the threads on your existing spokes. If new spokes are required then I will advise a full rebuild


  • Prices start at £40 per wheel for a wheel up to 20 spokes. Specialist wheels will cost more. Specialist wheels often involve internally fitted spokes in the rim

From £40

Wheel Building

  • Wheel building prices vary depending on the type of wheel and the spokes used
  • As a general rule, new spokes & a fresh rim should be used for a wheel build, although a hub can be built onto many rims
  • Please ask for a quote

Build Cost (labour) from £40 + parts