Free Bike Check Day – 17th November 2019

Free bike check day on 17th November 2019. I’ll look over your bike and advise on any work required. If I can I may even be able to make a few small adjustments if required. I’ll provide a written report and an estimate. Also happy to advise on upgrades and talk to you about correct fit. Not taking bookings this time around while I gauge interest in this type of open day, so please expect a short wait if I have a bit of a queue. There is a cafe/restaurant at the pines if you are happy to wait.

Your bike will receive a 20 point check and I’ll print you out a custom report and estimate a cost of further work. Should you choose to leave the bike with me, or book it in with me within two weeks of this event, I’ll deduct 10% off the total cost inc any parts required.

Open 10-3. I can do a safety check and analysis, and if I have time you may even get a bit of a safety tune up. The main point of this day is to advise, but you are welcome to leave your bike with me if you need me to carry out any ongoing work.