Custom Bike Builds

Want to build something unique?

There are many bikes available ready built, off the shelf and ready to ride. Buying a bike this way will often save you a lot of money and get you on the road or out on the trails quicker.

One of the biggest problems in buying a bike ready specced is that manufacturers will often fit cheaper, heavier parts to keep the overall cost down. So, even though you might have just bought a lovely carbon framed machine at a really good price, you may find the wheels are a bit heavy, the saddle and seatpost are barely above budget quality and the groupset is a level lower than you’d like to ride with.

Whilst it is possible to remove those parts and fit better parts, and still save money, it is also true to say that you’ll unlikely want to keep those parts you removed and have to sell them on. This can often be a pain! and you’ll probably not get a great price for them even though they are brand new. Also, in a lot of cases you’ll have to eBay parts and you’ll lose more money on eBay and Paypal fees. In a complex re-spec you may even end up losing money when it would have been better to get some advice and a plan to source all your parts in advance at the best prices.

I can help you spec and build your new bike, find parts to fit your budget and advise on whether or not buying certain parts is worth the extra spend out. i.e. those nice titanium wheel skewers you have your eye on, and will save you 20g, will cost more than fitting better tyres which might save you 100g.

This is a totally custom service that is not possible to price as a package, so please contact me to discuss your build requirements and your budget and we can work out a price for spec and sourcing parts only, or spec/source and build. Expect build price to be £150+ which includes a consultation and sourcing parts. If you are providing me with all the parts, then depending on the bicycle to be built, expect £120+

Here are some Custom Builds

BXT Carbon 29er Mountain Bike – fully rigid bike build